Product Pipeline

Novus Development Pipeline as of July 2019
Surfactant Platform (OP02xx):Foam Platform (OP01xx):
Develop a potentially first-in-class treatment option for otitis media (OM).  Develop a best-in-class treatment for acute otitis externa (AOE).
Provide a safe, well-tolerated and effective therapy that improves health outcome and quality of life of patients by restoring the normal physiologic activity of the Eustachian tube (ET).  Develop a safe, well-tolerated and clinically differentiated product for AOE that is easy to administer, addresses both ear pain and infection, and disrupts the market by delivering a full course of therapy with a limited number of doses.
Explore additional uses of the surfactant technology to meet unmet clinical needs for other OM and ETD disorders in both children and adults.  Explore additional uses of the foam platform to meet unmet clinical needs for treatment of nasal and sinus conditions using the same or other active ingredients.

Forward-Looking Statements

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