In the U.S., Otitis Media (OM) is the most frequent reason children are prescribed antibiotics or undergo surgery.

Surfactant Platform (OP02xx)

The first product in the surfactant platform program, OP0201, is being developed as a potential first-in-class treatment option for otitis media (OM). OM is often caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD). The product is administered intranasally via a pressurized metered-dose inhaler (pMDI). OP0201 is intended to be used to restore the normal physiologic activity of the Eustachian tube (ET), which is a small tube that connects from the chamber of the middle ear to the back of the nasopharynx. In other words, OP0201 promotes ‘de-sticking’ of the ET so that ventilation of the middle ear is restored.

Foam Platform (OP01xx)

The foam platform is intended to be used as a delivery vehicle for drugs to be administered into the ear canals, as well as the nasal and sinus cavities. OP0101 was developed as an improved treatment option for acute otitis externa (AOE), a common infectious medical condition of the outer ear canal that affects tens of millions of adults and children each year (frequently called “swimmer’s ear”). In 2016, we began development of OP0102, a second-generation formulation designed to rapidly relieve ear pain (an unmet need in AOE) and eradicate infection with less than seven days of treatment. We have subsequently suspended the OP0102 development program to focus resources on the Surfactant Platform (OP02xx).