Company Overview

We are passionate people driven by a common vision to solve unmet clinical needs for patients in an underserved therapeutic area.  Our product development experience and industry expertise provide the foundation for nimble and creative approaches to bringing new therapies to market. We aspire to deliver novel or significantly improved treatment options to patients in need.

A Shared Development Vision

Build a distinct pharmaceutical company that leverages our expertise in development and commercialization to transform treatment paradigms and offers patients suffering from ear, nose, throat (ENT) disorders innovative therapies that are underserved by current treatment options.

Key Elements of our Strategy

  • Potential for Multiple Indications

Both OP0201 and OP0102 can be developed for additional treatments, using the current active ingredients or through new active ingredients. Our current programs can be thought as potential stand-alone treatments and applications for other active ingredients. Novus Therapeutics clinical research and the market potential for new indications will help guide the future development of these proprietary technologies.

Please see Development Programs for more information regarding our pipeline.

  • Product Development Expertise

Novus Therapeutics has the unique opportunity to pioneer new treatments that will serve a wide range of illnesses and disorders of the ears, nose, and throat. Our development programs target treatments that have high unmet clinical needs that will establish Novus as a leader in pediatric and ENT clinical care. Our development goals are to gain regulatory approval for the proposed treatments in the United States and key European markets. Though the development phase we will collect key data including clinical trial data, patient reported outcomes, and economic value evidence all in the pursuit to provide treatment that is both effective and accessible.

  • Strong Leadership

Our group of experienced business leaders and drug developers are dedicated to improving patient outcomes and developing proprietary technologies in order to commercialize effective therapeutics for underserved ENT patients.